A standard toolbar for use within application content.

A Toolbar is a generalization of action bars for use within application layouts. A Toolbar may be placed at any arbitrary level of nesting within a view hierarchy.


An Toolbar with a hamburger icon for opening a drawer and an OptionsMenu with actions.
<ToolBar backgroundColor="blue" width="fill_parent">
	<ImageButton href="img/hamburger.svg" onClick="#{showDrawer('drawer')}" />
	<TextView text="My App"/>
		<MenuItem title="Preferences" icon="img/preferences.svg"
			onClick="#{startActivity('preferences')}" />


Views and/or Layouts that will be arranged according to a FrameLayout. Additionally, an OptionsMenu element can be added at an arbitrary position. The OptionsMenu will pin to the end of the Toolbar offering a few frequent, important or typical actions along with an optional overflow menu for additional actions. Action buttons are vertically aligned within the Toolbar’s minimum height, if set.


Name Type Default Binding Description

Inherits all attributes from View and adds no attributes.

Parts of this documentation are a derivate of the Android Developer Documentation by Google used under CC-BY-2.5.

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