Layout that draws multiple child views in a stack, with the most recently added child on top. The size of the FrameLayout is the size of its largest child (plus padding), visible or not (if the FrameLayout’s parent permits).


Two-layer construct that places white text with an semi-transparent black background on top of an image
<FrameLayout width="3cm" height="3cm">
	<ImageView href="#{backgroundImageUrl}" width="fill_parent" height="fill_parent"/>
	<TextView text="#{textOnTop}" width="fill_parent" height="fill_parent"
		textColor="white" backgroundColor="#8000"/>


Views and/or Layouts


Name Type Default Binding Description

Inherits all attributes from View and adds no attributes.

Parts of this documentation are a derivate of the Android Developer Documentation by Google used under CC-BY-2.5.

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