Getting Started with IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate

🚀 tl;dr

Install the RemoteUI Android Client (on your mobile device) → Install JDK 8 (on your dev machine) → Install IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate → Enable the Spring Boot PluginCreate New Project with Spring Initializr Wizard → Enter as Initalizr Service URL when asked → Select Add as Maven Project when asked → Start the app from the Run menu → Scan the QR code on http://localhost:8080 → ENJOY

Before you begin

  • Install the RemoteUI Android Client on your Android device.

  • The RemoteUI App Framework runs on Windows, macOS and Linux. You need an installed Oracle JDK 8 or OpenJDK 8.

  • Install IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate in version 14.1 or later to get Spring Boot support. The latter is not required for RemoteUI but provides a more convenient way to work.

  • Make sure, the Spring Boot Plugin is enabled in IDEA. Open IDEA’s Preferences and check it in the Plugins section.

Creating your RemoteUI app

  • Select Create New Project from the splash screen or File → New…​ → Project…​ from a running IDEA instance.

  • Select Spring Initializr in the left pane. IMPORTANT!: For Initalizr Service URL enter Otherwise the generated project will not contain the required RemoteUI dependencies and configurations.

  • Enter the metadata for your project

  • Add required dependencies. You can omit this step when getting started.

  • Click Next. IDEA will start the project creation and download process.

  • When the following pop-up appears, choose Add as Maven Project. IDEA will then create the required run configurations for you.

    If you missed the pop-up, you can select Add as Maven Project from the project’s context menu as well:

  • When IDEA has finished project creation, you end up with a project structure like this:

  • Run the app from the Run menu:

  • Open http://localhost:8080 to see one or more QR codes in your browser. These codes contain RemoteUI URLs (rui://…​) and represent links to your app based on the IP address(es) of your development machine.

    Make sure that your mobile device and your development machine are in the same LAN and the firewall settings allow the mobile device to connect to your development machine on the displayed IP address on port 8080.

  • Open the RemoteUI Client and scan one of the QR codes by clicking the little QR code icon on the main screen’s toolbar.

  • Congratulations! You have created and started your RemoteUI app.

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