Getting Started with IntelliJ IDEA Community

🚀 tl;dr

Install the RemoteUI Android Client (on your mobile device) → Install JDK 8 (on your dev machine) → Install IntelliJ IDEA Community → Generate a Maven project at and unzip it → In IDEA select Import Project with the unzipped folder → Select Maven Model and leave all defaults → Create a new Maven run configuration with spring-boot:run as Command line argument → Run the configuration → Scan the QR code on http://localhost:8080 → ENJOY

Before you begin

Creating your RemoteUI app

  • Goto and generate a RemoteUI app project.

  • Unzip the downloaded zip file and move the content to your desired projects folder.

  • Select Import Project from the splash screen.

  • Point IDEA to the currently extracted folder.

  • Select Import project from external model and choose Maven.

  • Continue with default settings in the following three dialogs.

  • Select JDK 1.8 or later for your project:

  • Click Next and let IDEA import the project as requested. The imported project will have the following structure:

  • Select Run → Edit Configurations…​.

  • Add (+) a new Maven run configuration.

  • Set your project’s folder as Working directory and enter spring-boot:run as Command line argument.

  • Click Run and watch the RemoteUI app starting in the console.

  • Open http://localhost:8080 to see one or more QR codes in your browser. These codes contain RemoteUI URLs (rui://…​) and represent links to your app based on the IP address(es) of your development machine.

    Make sure that your mobile device and your development machine are in the same LAN and the firewall settings allow the mobile device to connect to your development machine on the displayed IP address on port 8080.

  • Open the RemoteUI Client and scan one of the QR codes by clicking the little QR code icon on the main screen’s toolbar.

  • Congratulations! You have created and started your RemoteUI app.

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