Getting Started with Eclipse Che (Codenvy)

🚀 tl;dr

Install the RemoteUI Android Client (on your mobile device) → Start with Eclipse Che as SAAS → Generate a Maven project at → Create a Blank project in your Eclipse Che Workspace → Import the app’s ZIP file into the project by Project → Upload Folder…​ → Configure a Spring Boot Run and use it → Scan the QR code on the preview url → ENJOY

Before you begin

Creating your RemoteUI app

  • Goto and generate a RemoteUI app project.

  • Open or create an workspace in your Eclipse Che environment.

  • Select Workspace → Create Project…​

  • Create a Blank project and name it corresponding to the artifact name you chose on

  • Select the newly generated project folder and select Project → Upload Folder…​.

  • In the opening dialog click the button saying Select File…​ and point the browser to the zip file downloaded from Additionally check Skip the root folder of the archive and then click Upload.

  • To run the app, create a new Maven run command. This can be done in different ways. Typically select the Commands palette on the left and press the + button on the RUN entry to add one. Select Maven and replace the command given in the template by.

    Command Line
    mvn spring-boot:run -f ${current.project.path}
    Preview URL

  • Run the newly created command

  • Open the preview url which is displayed on top of the console.

  • Open the RemoteUI Client and scan one of the QR codes by clicking the little QR code icon on the main screen’s toolbar.

  • Congratulations! You have created and started your RemoteUI app.

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